Azulejos is a stylish Portuguese Coffee shop Brand Identity Project I created after an inspiring visit I made to Lisbon, Portugal. The word 'Azulejos' comes from the Portuguese language, and it means tiles. These beautiful Azulejos decorate all of Portugal and play an integral part in the country's identity. 
After researching the coffee shop industry, I came to the conclusion that Coffee breaks aren't exciting anymore. With the countless amount of Coffee Shops spreading worldwide, the magic of a coffee break has faded away and turned into a random habit. Hence, I set my challenge to Expose a new audience to the unique flavors of Portugal with a new and charming Portuguese Coffee Shop. Instead of having another bland sandwich or pastry next to your coffee, you could enjoy a real and authentic treat coming from Portugal.
As for the Brand Values, I wanted to communicate both Authenticity and Aesthetics through the traditional, cheerful, and simple colors of Portugal. I also created an emblem, featuring a special tile, that accompanies the brand's logo.

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